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Zanzibar holidays Welcome to African Legends Ltd. We arrange various excursions to Zanzibar, holiday breaks,  including sightseeing and beach vacations, honeymoon holidays, hotel bookings, car hire, flights arrangement as well as boat and ferry trips. We are happy to share our in-depth local knowledge with you, our  respect and love for the people, traditions, beach leisure, wildlife and wonderful flora & fauna.


holidays to Zanzibar

Zanzibar Tour, 4 days 4 stars

Basic Zanzibar vacation holiday

Visit the historic stone town, Jozani forest, Spice farms tours and tour the beaches in Zanzibar. This trip is perfect for individuals with limited time.


vacation Zanzibar

Zanzibar Vacation, 5 days 3 stars

See more of Zanzibar

Located This trip involves sailing away to the Sandbank for a picnic with the traditional dhow crew. You will also vist the Stone town, spice farms, the Jozani forest and the Dolphins tour in Zanzibar. You can make an extension for Tanzania safari holidays as well.


trips to zanzibar

Zanzibar Trip, 6 days 4 stars

Mainland tours and sailing

Visit historic stone town, Sand Bank picnic, spice farm tours, Jozani forest, Dolphin tours, Beach tours


honeymoon tours

Zanzibar Jambo, 7 days 4 stars

Family holiday trip

Visit stone town, sailing to Sandbank, Jozani forest and the Kizimkazi Dolphins tour, Stone town and spice farms. Package is suitable for a family!


attractions zanzibar

Zanzibar Attractions, 8 days 3 stars

Everything about Zanzibar

All attractions that Zanzibar has to offer, visit the stone town, dolphins, sail away, tour the spice farms, visit the local people and basically everything about Zanzibar



Zanzibar is considered as archipelago off the main Tanzania coast. With about 90kms long and 30 kms wide, it has some of the most interesting attractions for a discerning tourist and so far the perfect hide out on the indian ocean Islands with finest resorts and cottages. zanzibar tours and travel zanzibar holidays Zanzibar holidays are full of excitiment with visits to Stone town which is Zanzibar's largest and town as well as the capital, then the Nugwi the paradise of resort life on the northern tip of the island and then Kendwa where fishing in Zanzibar is done.

Zanzibar Islands, information about hotels in Zanzibar, tour operators for flight booking, tours and vacation holidays. visit guide for maps and location of destinations, climate and weather in the geography section as well as the culture.

Among the most interesting activities include walking tours around the islands on the sandy beaches, scuba diving in the crystal clear water, deep sea fishing and so much more. Visit another honeymoon island, there are all types of hotels and accommodation in Zanzibar ranging from 3 star hotels to five star hotels.

There are other cheaper options such as holiday inns, lodges, bread and breakfast residential units and holiday apartments. You can book a flight to Zanzibar cheaply online, information about tickets, airfare, travel documents, getting a visa, airlines and travel safety information.

More information about zanziber is that its main industries include spices and is as well at times referred to as the spice Islands,for its importance of its production of cloves,of which it is a world leader, and still nutmeg, cinnamon as well as papper.The ecology of zanzibar is noted to be a home of the endemic zanzibar Red Colobus Monkey,not to allege the diverse marine life discovered on the islands' surrounding coral reefs